Organizational Consulting

success   An Organic Approach

Organizations are grouped by sector, industry, size and financial performance, yet each is unique in its culture, structures, and shared values.  Therefore, a pre-packaged set of solutions is unlikely to provide the sustainable solutions that meet your unique needs.  The best solutions are born out of proper diagnosis.  Whether the result is ultimately team development, design of new structures or revision of existing processes, proper diagnosis insures that you don’t expend significant resources on symptomatic solutions.  The solutions we propose will be in response to your unique business challenges.

Our consulting philosophy is centered on the belief that our clients must remain in the driver’s seat throughout the engagement.  You are the expert in your organization.  Your leadership and engagement are critical for both the design and implementation of any initiative we might undertake together.  We have discovered that the best and most sustainable solutions are those that the client develops and implements.

That’s why we have a multi-step process to facilitate our work with clients.  Employing this process helps us get to the root cause of any issue(s) and develop solutions that are both effective and sustainable.

Change Management

In today’s business climate change is a constant.  Whether through mergers and acquisitions, growth and expansion or threats in the business environment, managing change can be challenging.  Every management expert or psychologist will tell you that change is difficult for individuals and organizations; difficult but not impossible.  That’s why process is so important.  Change initiatives need a process that recognizes the psychology of change and the natural human resistance to change.  MIT Professor Emeritus, Edgar Schein outlines 3 steps for transformative change.

Transformative change does not happen overnight. However, with committed leadership, realistic expectations and a proven process, you can create the change your business needs for its continued success.

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