About Sheryl

Sheryl is a former communications executive with more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and health care industry. As a senior communications executive, she counseled and coached CEO’s and senior executives to find and express their unique voices, to present ideas, concepts and data and to connect with diverse audiences.

Sheryl brings a Masters degree in organizational dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania as well as a breadth and depth of experience to coaching.  During her career, she led global teams in hierarchal and matrix environments, managed boards of external advisors and diverse groups of internal and external stakeholders. She has worked for Fortune 500 ‐ 1,000 companies as well as start‐up and high growth companies with hundreds to thousands of employees. You can read more about Sheryl and her experience by visiting her Linkedin profile.http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sheryl-williams/6/9b0/983

Sheryl is adept at helping executives develop the mind-set, communications skills and style that builds executive presence and promotes their leadership goals. She is recognized for leveraging her strong business acumen, strategic and systems thinking perspective to help clients see the big picture, put things into perspective, and focus for impact.

Sheryl’s primary focus is on helping coaching clients leverage their strengths, manage perceptions and develop both the executive presence and leadership strategies to attain their goals. Click here to learn the top 5 benefits of coaching

Coaching will help you gain self-awareness about how you are perceived by others and why they perceive you in that way. Armed with that knowledge your plan could include developing the skills to improve your performance in your current job, make a smooth transition into a new role  or prepare for a new job. Sheryl has helped clients to improve their leadership presence, build and deliver strategic communications strategies, balance their task and people skills, communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders, build emotional intelligence and increase their overall confidence.