It Is What It Is

  “It is what it is” is often perceived as a sign of apathy or resignation because of its seemingly passive nature. I believe it can be used to express acceptance of a situation, acknowledging that some things are beyond our control or cannot be … Continue readingIt Is What It Is

The Leaders We Need

We are all living in a time of great uncertainty as we hunker down during this global pandemic. What stands out to me is just how clearly leadership matters more now than it does in our routine day to day existence. We are currently seeing … Continue readingThe Leaders We Need

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Who’s the Better Leader?

The client approached me with an article that blasted the attention-grabbing headline, “Women are More Effective Leaders.” She was excited to share this article as it heralded what she believed to be true. However, upon reading the article and checking the source mentioned, like so … Continue readingWho’s the Better Leader?

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Stop Being Too Nice

  Karen was engaging in a performance feedback session with her supervisor, when he said these words to her. “You are too nice. Stop letting others push you around, stand up for yourself.” When she asked for examples of being too nice, he shared this … Continue readingStop Being Too Nice

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